US305E XC US Battery


US305E XC US Battery

6V 290AH Deep Cycle Sweeper / Scrubber & Multi Purpose Battery

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The US305EXC is predominantly a floor scrubber battery, but it can be used for solar applications as well. The “305” part of it is the group size. So whether it is US Battery, Trojan, crown, interstate etc etc, the battery size 305 is the same across the board for all manufacturers. US Battery also makes a US305XC and a US305HCXC. All three are versions of the same group 305 battery. The 305EXC is a lighter duty version, the 305XC is the standard and the 305HCXC is a heavier duty version.


Length: 11-7/8″ (302mm)

Width: 7-1/8″ (181mm)

Height: 14-5/8″ (371mm)

Amp Hours & Capacity

Amp Hours (20 hr. rate) 290 AH

Minutes @ 75 Amps: 182 min.

Minutes @ 25Amps: 660 min.

Will Call & Delivery available in the Dallas – Fort Worth Texas Metroplex.

*Nationwide delivery available

*Deliveries may be unavailable in some areas.

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Weight 175 lbs
Dimensions 11.87 × 7.13 × 14.63 in