**DISCONTINUED** (REFER TO THE HPS12-36W) HP12-50W 12V 9AH High Rate Vision Battery


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HP12-50W 12V 9AH High Rate Vision Battery F2 (.250″) Terminal

? Positive and negative plates in lead-calcium tin alloy

? Superior energy density

? Operates at a low internal pressure.

? Gas Recombination

? Usable in any orientation

? A recognized component of UL

? Very high power output

? Application specific designs

? A couple Range from 13W to 890W per cell for 10′ @ 1.60Vpc

? Six months shelf life at 20

? Design life 5 years

Length 151mm 5.94inch

Width 65mm 2.56inch

Height 94mm 3.70inch

Total Height 100mm 3.94inch

Approx. Weight 2.80Kg 6.17lbs

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