BP36RTEXL Battery Pack 1836 VAH battery pack that extends runtime


Model: BP36RTEXL Battery Pack

Applications: Extends battery backup runtime

Warranty: 3 Years – Parts & Labor Including Batteries

UPC: 784755158437


The BP36RTEXL Battery Pack is a 1836 VAH battery pack that extends runtime on the E750RM2U through E1500RM(T)2U units. NOTE: This model replaces the EBP36EXL.


Multiple battery packs can be chained. The battery pack does not contain an independent charger.


User replaceable battery? Yes

No. of internal batteries: 18

Replacement battery description: 12 Volt 8.5 Amp Hour

Replacement battery part no.: B00025

Product Dimensions (in inches) :

Length: 17.30

Width/Depth: 26.70

Height: 5.20

Weight: 127.90 lbs.

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