Universal Battery

Universal Battery

Battery ChargersUB445 Universal 4 Volt 4.5AH Battery 40559
Regular price: $8.80
Sale price: $5.92
UB490 Universal 4 Volt 9AH Battery D5798
Regular price: $10.35
Sale price: $9.97
UB610 (UB1-6) Universal 6 Volt 1AH Battery 40651/46050UB613 Universal 6 Volt 1.3AH Battery D5731/46019
Regular price: $5.25
Sale price: $4.85
UB632 (UB3.2-6) Universal 6 Volt 3.2AH Battery D5695
**DISCONTINUED - REPLACED BY THE UB634**    UB632L Universal 6 Volt 3.2AH Battery 40681UB634 Universal 6 Volt 3.4AH Battery D5732
UPG UB645  6 Volt 4.5AH Universal Battery D5733
UB645 Case of 20 6V 4.5AH Universal Battery D5733
Regular price: $136.60
Sale price: $118.40
UB645WL Universal 6 Volt 4.5 Ah Battery 40565
UB650S / UB5-6S Lantern Universal 6 Volt 5AH Battery D5697
UB650F / UB5-6F Lantern Universal 6V 5AH Battery D5897
UB670 Universal 6 Volt 7AH Battery D5734
UB670 case of 10 Universal 6 Volt 7AH Battery D5734
Regular price: $99.70
Sale price: $92.60
UB685 Universal 6 Volt 8.5AH Battery D5735
UB6120 F1 Universal 6 Volt 12AH Battery D5736
UB6120 F1 Case of 10 Universal 6V 12AH Battery D5736
Regular price: $165.80
Sale price: $143.70
UB6120 F2 Universal 6 Volt 12AH Battery D5778
Case of 10 UB6120 F2 Universal 6 Volt 12AH Battery D5778
Regular price: $165.80
Sale price: $154.00
UB6120 Toy 6V 12Ah Universal Battery D5737
UB6130 Toy / UB13-6 Universal 6V 13Ah Battery 40575
UB6420 Universal 6V 42AH Battery 40560
UB62000 6Volt 200Ah Universal Battery 45969
Regular price: $240.92
Sale price: $208.80
UB-GC2 AGM 6 V 200Ah Universal Battery (Golf Cart) 45966
Regular price: $253.89
Sale price: $220.04
UB63800 - UBL16 6V 380Ah (40870) Maintenance Free Universal Battery
Regular price: $538.26
Sale price: $466.49
UB1208 WL Universal 12 Volt .8AH Battery 45791
Regular price: $10.27
Sale price: $5.23
UB1213 Universal 12 Volt 1.3AH Battery D5738 / 46014
UB1220-T 12V 2Ah Universal Battery D2790
UB1222 Universal 12 Volt 2.2AH Battery D5739
UB1223A (*Replaced by EPP-100CBK*) Universal 12V 2.3Ah Battery 40836
UB1229T Universal 12V 2.9Ah Battery D5700
UB1234 Universal 12 Volt 3.4AH Battery D5740
UPG UB1250 F1 Universal 12 Volt 5AH Universal Battery D5741 / 46015
Case of 10 UPG UB1250 F1 Universal 12 Volt 5AH Universal Battery  D5741 / 46015
Regular price: $126.00
Sale price: $117.00
UPG UB1250 F2 Universal 12 Volt 5AH Universal Battery D5777 / 46020
Case of 10 UPG UB1250 F2 Universal 12 Volt 5AH Universal Battery  D5777 / 46020
Regular price: $126.00
Sale price: $117.00
UB1270F1 Universal 12V 7Ah Battery 46095
UB1270F2 Universal 12V 7Ah Battery 40800
UPG UB1280 F1 12 Volt 8AH Universal Battery D5743 / 46021
Case of 8 UPG UB1280 F1 12V 8Ah Universal Battery D5743 / 46021
Regular price: $145.12
Sale price: $134.72
Pallet of 100 UPG UB1280 F1 12V 8Ah Universal Battery D5743 / 46021
UPG UB1280 F2 12 Volt 8AH Universal Battery  D5779 / 46022
Case of 8 UPG UB1280 F2 12V 8Ah Universal Battery  D5779 / 46022
Regular price: $145.12
Sale price: $134.72
Pallet of 100 UPG UB1280 F2 12V 8Ah Universal Battery. D5779 / 46022
 UPG UB1290 F1 12 Volt 9AH Universal Battery 40749
UPG UB1290 F2 12V 9AH Universal Battery 40748
UPG UB12100-S F2 12Volt 10AH Universal Battery D5719
UB12120 F1 12 Volt 12 AH Universal Battery D5744 / 46043
UB12120 F2 Universal 12 Volt 12AH Battery D5775 / 46023
UB12120 NB Universal 12V 12AH Battery 40842
UB12150 F2 Universal 12V 15Ah Battery 40672
 UB12180 NB Universal 12 Volt 18AH Battery
 UB12180 F2 Universal 12 Volt 18AH Battery
 UB12220 NB Universal 12 Volt 22AH Battery
UB12260 NB Universal 12 Volt 26AH Battery 40596
UB12260 T (UB26-12T) 12V 26Ah Universal Battery 40596
Regular price: $110.75
Sale price: $95.99
 UB12350 Universal 12 Volt 35AH Battery D5722 / 46042
UB12350 IT 12V 35AH Universal Power Group 45976
 UB12500 Universal 12V 50Ah Battery
UB12550 Universal 12V 55AH Battery
UB12750 Universal 12 Volt 75AH Battery
UB12900 Universal 12 Volt 90AH Battery
Regular price: $211.03
Sale price: $182.89
UB121000 Universal 12 Volt 100AH Battery
Regular price: $210.08
Sale price: $182.07
UB121100 NB Universal 12 Volt 110AH Battery
Regular price: $231.38
Sale price: $200.53
UB 4D Universal 12V 200Ah AGM Battery 45965
Regular price: $423.85
Sale price: $367.33
UB8D Universal 12V 250Ah AGM Battery 45964 / 46013
Regular price: $582.20
Sale price: $504.57
UB12350FR Universal 12 Volt 35AH Battery
UB12900 FR Universal 12 Volt 90AH Battery
UB121100 FR Universal 12 Volt 110AH Battery
UB-GC2 Gel 6 V 200 AH Universal Battery (Golf Cart)
U1 GEL Universal 12 Volt 32AH Battery
Regular price: $99.75
Sale price: $86.45
UB-22NF GEL Universal 12 Volt 60AH Battery
UB-24 GEL Universal 12 Volt 75AH Battery
UB-27 GEL Universal 12 Volt 90AH Battery
Regular price: $237.43
Sale price: $205.77
UB-30H GEL Universal 12 Volt 100AH Battery
Regular price: $269.94
Sale price: $233.95
UB-4D GEL Universal 12V 180AH Gel Battery
Regular price: $501.03
Sale price: $434.23
UB-8D GEL Universal 12V 250Ah Gel Battery
Regular price: $693.72
Sale price: $601.23
Universal Battery Super Alkaline AAA 50-pack.
Universal Battery Super Alkaline AA 50-pack.
Case of 600 Universal Battery Super Alkaline AA
Universal Battery Super Alkaline C 24-pack.
Universal Battery Super Alkaline D 12-pack.
Batteries by Application

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*** Note: You will always receive the brand battery you order. BatteriesASAP.com will never substitute your order with another brand without your consent. We sell only name brand quality batteries with a proven history and the highest safety standards. You will always get what you pay for, never a bait and switch with substandard batteries that can sometimes be unreliable or even dangerous. All batteries are new and factory fresh with 1 year Mfg. warranty! Suitable crosses are the same in voltage but may vary in amp hour (AH) capacity. Dimensions are usually within tenths of an inch. If the battery is a tight fit in your application, it is recommended that you check the dimensions carefully or purchase the direct replacement battery.

How does the Ah (Amp Hour) rating affect a battery? The Ah (Amp Hour) rating is the capacity of the battery. It is like the size of the gas tank in your car. The larger Ah ratings will give more runtime. It is common to replace a 12V 4Ah battery with a 12V 5Ah battery in alarm systems and UPS Systems.

If you do not see the battery you are seeking on this website please call 800-706-7009. We can supply most major brand Batteries and UPS Systems.

What sets us apart from all of the rest of those buy on-line sites?

We care about your business! BatteriesASAP.com is the official sales website for Power Factor Inc., A Division of Metroplex Battery. We have been in business since 1996 serving the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and beyond and understand your needs. Batteries ASAP allows us to offer great pricing and fast service to those who know what they need. If you are not sure what product to purchase, please call us @ 800-706-7009. We're here to help!

Brands are specific: You will receive the brand you order. Just like any other product on the market, there is a difference with the quality from brand to brand. There are many websites that offer batteries but in many cases you may not receive the brand that you ordered or want, or you will find out that in the small print they state that their battery is just a suitable cross. The quality of a battery will affect the reliability of the equipment it is used in. Please contact us at 800-706-7009 and we will help guide you into the right battery for your application.

Orders received before 2:00PM (CST) Monday - Friday (except holidays) will be shipped the same day for stocked items. For out of stock items, orders will be processed the same day if received before 2:00PM (CST) and will usually ship in 2-3 days. You will receive an acknowledgment e-mail letting you know when your order is estimated to ship. When the order ships you will receive an e-mail providing the UPS tracking number.

Packaging: All batteries shipped from our warehouse are wrapped in bubble wrap and packed in a box with peanuts. Cases of batteries shipped from our warehouse are wrapped in bubble wrap and double boxed. It is rare that batteries shipped from our warehouse are damaged in shipping.

Freight Costs: We charge fair and accurate freight to keep the cost to you down. You can check freight costs before you order by proceeding to the checkout with your order. When you get to the area that requires your address simply enter your state & zip code and apply freight costs. In most cases our end price including freight is lower for single items or quantities than those who offer free freight. If your order is shipping to a residential area via motor freight there will be an additional $50.00 Residential Fee added to your total before the order is shipped.

Our process: When we receive your order you will receive conformation e-mail with the estimated ship time. In most cases (90% of orders) the e-mail will state, “ Will ship within 24 hours ” and implies the product is in our stock. For orders received before 2:00PM CST this means the order is being packed and will usually ship the same day Monday - Friday (except holidays). Tracking numbers will be e-mailed by 6:00PM CST. Orders received after 2:00PM CST will be processed the following business day. Your credit card will not be charged until the product ships.

Texas Customers Battery Sales Fee: Because we are located in Texas we are required by Texas law to collect a battery sales fee for batteries over 10Ah shipped to any address located in Texas. The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality uses revenue from the battery fee for many programs that help protect the state’s environment. The fee is $2.00 per battery for less than 12-volt batteries 10Ah and above and $3.00 per battery for 12 Volt or more 10Ah and above. Due to limitations on this Yahoo site we are unable to automatically calculate these charges. If you are ordering batteries shipping to an address in Texas, please place a note in the comments section that it is “OK to add Texas State Battery Sales Fee”. If this is not included in comments the order may be held until we contact you and get approval. Resellers may be exempt if they collect and report fee to the state. Please call 800-706-7009 if there are any questions or for exemption.

Our "Get it Right" Guarantee! All shipments are double checked for correct part number and quantities. If we ship the incorrect battery or incorrect quantities, we will make it right by shipping you the correct battery or additional quantities and paying all of the freight costs including issuing a call tag for returned battery (when applicable) in a timely manner. If we cannot provide the replacement or additional products in a timely manner your money will be refunded. Disputes must be presented within 30 Days of purchase.

Disposal of old batteries: Sealed Lead Acid type batteries must be recycled. Please dispose your batteries properly. It is illegal to throw this type of battery in the trash. We will dispose of your old sealed lead acid battery at no charge when you purchase a battery from us. Simply place in the box that you received you new battery in, pay shipping and ship it to us at Power Factor Inc., 2750 Electronic Lane Dallas, Texas 75220. Be sure to mark the box as "BAD Battery" or "Recycle Battery". Disposal laws do not apply to alkaline batteries. We do not accept Nickel Cadmium batteries for recycling.

We all make mistakes. If you find that the battery you ordered is not the right one, its no problem. Simply call for a Return Authorization Number and you can return it for a full refund (Less Freight), just pay the freight back. Request must be within 30 days of purchase. Battery must be received in good sellable condition and returned within 30 Days of RMA issuance.

Warranty: Most manufacturers offer at least a one-year warranty against defects and workmanship. BatteriesASAP will handle all warranty issues for the first 30 days from date of purchase. After this period, warranty issues must be handled through the manufacturer. If you receive a defective product please call and we will provide an RMA or manufacturers contact information.Please click the link "Return Policy" on the menu for more details.

Drop Shipments / Partial shipments: BatteriesASAP stocks most of the batteries we offer in our warehouse located in Dallas, Texas. On occasion there will be a need to drop ship your order from the manufacturer for one of the following reasons; we have sold out of our stock or, large quantity orders that exceed what we have in stock. If 2 or more different products are ordered and we are out of stock on a given product it may partial ship from our warehouse and a manufacturers warehouse. In general if you receive a conformation e-mail stating, “ Will ship in 2-3 days ”, it is likely the product is being drop shipped from the manufacturer. There may be a delay in getting a tracking number but product should ship as expected. Currently we stock and ship approximately 90% of the orders from our warehouse in Dallas.

Backorders: From time to time a manufacturer will run out of stock and will cause us to backorder the product until the manufacturer receives their stock. In this case we will call and/or e-mail you to let you know the status and offer a comparable battery that we have in stock if available. You may elect to wait for the product to arrive, accept a substitute or cancel the order.

Expedited Shipping: We offer expedited shipping through UPS; Red (overnight), Blue (second day air) and 3 day select. We understand the need to receive your batteries fast and will guarantee shipping the same day if the order is placed before 2:00PM CST for products in stock Monday - Friday (except holidays). If we happen to be out of stock, we have a great relationship with all of the manufacturers we handle and will work with them to expedite your order. If for any reason we cannot ship the product you ordered as requested we will contact you immediately by phone and e-mail. Please do NOT place orders for Saturday deliveries on this website. We do not offer Saturday deliveries.

Batteries for UPS Systems: Many of the batteries we offer are used in Uninterruptible Power Systems. Batteries are the reason for most (up to 80%) of UPS failures. If the batteries you order do not fix the problem you are having with your UPS and you purchase a replacement UPS from Power Factor Inc. we will give full credit of the batteries toward the purchase and even pay the freight of the batteries back to us. (Valid for 30 days from original purchase of batteries.) We can supply most major brands including APC, Powerware, MGE, Tripplite, Minuteman, GE, and many more. Please call and talk to one of our UPS application engineers @ 800-706-7009 for more info.

UPS Systems: Not all UPS systems are created equal. Generally there are 3 levels of protection most manufacturers offer. Click here to better understand the technologies offered or call us at 800-706-7009

Battery Reminder: The average life expectancy of most standby batteries is between 3-5 years. At the 3-year mark it is likely the battery is losing capacity causing low reliability and by the 5-year mark complete failure may occur. Please note in the comments section when placing your order if you would like to be reminded in 3 years that your battery needs replacement. Please note the type of equipment such as home alarm, UPS, emergency lighting etc. You can also include the serial number of the equipment (optional). There is no charge for this service.

Quantity discounts are available. If you are purchasing large quantities or buy batteries often, call us at 800-706-7009 for discounts or discount coupons to save.

Are your Batteries Bad?

Batteries may still read the proper voltage with a volt meter when under charge or off charge even when they are bad. To properly test a battery it should be done with either a load on it or by using battery-testing equipment.

Batteries used in most standby equipment such as UPS systems, emergency lighting, alarm systems, etc. will have a low voltage disconnect (LVD) that will disconnect the battery from being discharged below 87.5% of nominal voltage.

Example; 12 Volt Battery X 87.5% = 10.5 volts therefore a 12V battery will stop discharging at 10.5 volts. This also applies to strings in series.

Example; 4-12V batteries in series will produce 48 Volts. 48 X 87.5% =42V This string will be disconnected from the circuit from the LVD at 42V.

Never replace a partial string of batteries! This is not an old wives tale, it's true! When you put new batteries in a string with old batteries they will take on the characteristics of the older batteries and will require replacement much sooner and cost more in the long run. The charger will see the string as a single battery and older batteries may cause over or under charging of the new batteries causing premature failure. It will also cause the equipment to be less reliable.

Attention: Lead prices are rising! In the past year costs of lead have risen over 120%. So far we have seen up to 4 price increases for some manufacturers this year alone. All of the manufacturers we carry have or are increasing their prices again this month or in months to come! We are doing our best to keep prices down but have been forced to raise prices accordingly. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and hope you will continue to let us supply you with your battery needs.